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Teesside Model Flying Club has been in its existence since 1965, we are fortunate to have two flying sites, one at Castle Levington, which is primary Helicopter with some fixed wing flying just south of Middlesbrough. The other is at Redmarshall, west of Stockton-On-Tees, which is fundamentally fixed wing.

TMFC purchased the land at our Redmarshall site, and now are the proud owners of 14 acres, of what we think, is one of the best flying sites in the UK. TMFC are affiliated to the British Model Flying Association (BMFA). The BMFA is an organisation which provides guidance on all aspects of aeromodelling and organises insurance cover for all our pilots.

TMFC have a dedicated training night, Tuesday evenings April till September from 6pm, when club approved instructors are available to give training and air experience flights either on the clubs dedicated training aircraft, operated by buddy box systems, or your own equipment,for the small fee of £2.00 per flight if using club equipment, to cover running costs.

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