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It gives me great pleasure to inform you that Mr Mike Swales, has been given Area Chief Examiner status. Mike is one of our clubs hardest working club examiners and truly deserves this, he promotes the Achievement scheme and our club, with every successful test and certificate awards being posted onto our Facebook pages.

On behalf of TMFC and the North Eastern Area BMFA I would Like to sincerely congratulate Mike and thank him for all his assistance in running the Scheme. Well done, Mike.

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COVID -19 Guidelines 18/09/2020


Based on recent principles issued by the BMFA (and LMA) the Committee of Teesside MFC have agreed the following points to note for all club members.

  • We remain in the midst of a pandemic, the updated Government advice must not be regarded as a “return to normal”. The situation is dynamic and current Government advice must always be followed.
  • The effects of the COVID-19 virus are most serious in those over the age of 60, especially if they have underlying health problems. As many club members fall into this group, we would urge careful consideration before venturing out and risking any potential exposure to the virus, however small the risk may be.
  • The following measures must be strictly observed by all members until further notice:
  • Social distancing in accordance with Government guidelines ensuring the minimum 3 metre (and preferably greater) separation from other people (unless from the same household) is maintained at all times, including in the car park, pits and pilots box/flight-line. Where space permits cars should be parked 3 metres apart.
  • Latex/Nitrile/Vinyl gloves should be worn or hand sanitiser used immediately before and after opening any access gates or handling any shared club equipment (mowers, windsock logbook etc.).
  • A “track and trace” logbook is in the notice board and all members and must sign in providing their name, arrival and departure times (even if not flying ) and date of their visit. This information is required by Public Health Track and Trace in the event of a club member testing positive for COVID-19. (Tom has access to database for any other information as required).
  • Members should carry their own pen for the purpose of signing the logbook and should use hand sanitiser before and after doing so.
  • Tom Jones has been appointed as our club “Track and Trace” coordinator, if any club member tests positive for COVID-19 they must contact Tom immediately, on 07728290784.
  • No sharing of model flying equipment (except by those from the same household) should take place unless appropriate single use latex/nitrile/vinyl gloves are worn.
  • No guests are allowed on the flying site..
  • Where a club member has not yet reached a safe solo standard and requires an instructor to be in attendance a buddy box system should be employed, preferably wireless and with instructor and pupil using their own equipment. If a wired system must be employed the lead should be long enough to maintain 3 metre separation.
  • Should the use of club equipment be required then provision of disinfectant spray and disposable wipes to allow the equipment to be cleaned before and after use.
  • All members to leave adequate space between models in the pits area to allow the 3 metre separation distance to be maintained.
  • A maximum of 3 models to be in the air at any time, a minimum of 3 metres between pilots to be maintained at all times.
  • Any shared facilities such as clubhouse, toilets, equipment stores etc. to be kept closed to all members except to retrieve equipment needed for the days flying, hand sanitiser to be used before and after entry.
  • All members must carry their own hand sanitiser and gloves.
  • Any member who displays symptoms of COVID-19, or shares a house with someone displaying symptoms must stay away from the site and follow Government guidelines on self-isolation. Further information can be found on the BMFA website at England-Scotland Ultimately it has to be each individual members decision whether to go flying or not and to take responsibility for their own and their families safety.



It is with deep regret that the committee and event organizers, have taken a vote in favour of CANCELLING ALL TMFC MEETINGS AND EVENTS until further notice.

We feel that we have no other option, as this is the only way we can follow government guidelines.

I will update the website and social media as and when I have time, as I’m still at work, can all members please copy or share social media updates onto their pages, so we spread the word as far and wide and fast as we can.

Members wishing to fly, Please Please be sensible and take cleansing materials to the flying sites with you, maintain separation of a minimum of 2 meters from other members. I would advise the use of latex gloves to open and close gate locks and or spray with sanitizer and wipe clean prior to opening and closing.

Potential new members will have to prove they can fly competently as part of the joining process.

Do not attend the field if you show any signs of

a cough of high temperature.

Kind regards and Stay safe and well,

Tom Jones.

TMFC Chairman.