Redmarshall Pits Renovation.

Early January 2019, TMFC closed their Redmarshall flying site for a week from Monday 7th, while several members mainly from day time flying squad, (all retired members and listed below) spent their time renovating our disabled access paths to make them a lot wider so they could be used as pitting areas in the winter months. Redmarshall has a tendency to get water logged during the previous years, since our land is one of the lowest pieces in that area. They scrapped the old chippings of dug out to make the paths wider then re-laid and rolled new chippings, and the flying square, Airshow strip and the extra piece of landing area to the right of the pits between the strip and the container. So this can now be used as a landing and take off strip.

I would like to urge members not to drive on the Grass  unload your models in and adhere to rule 13.

Rule 13: Vehicular Access

During good weather vehicle access to the pits is permitted. During poor weather loading/unloading must be done from vehicles on the turning circle/hammerhead.

If no other members are available to assist unloading/loading, users with a disability which affects walking, may drive to the pits.

No model engine is to be started if there is a car in front of the model.

Only TMFC maintenance equipment (and that belonging to maintenance contractors) may drive on the flying patch. Members’ vehicles are not permitted to drive across or park on the flying patch.

TMFC accept no liability for damage to vehicles.

Non-Club vehicles must not be driven on the flying area in any circumstances.

Please DO NOT turn to tightly or spin your wheels as this will churn the chippings up. The chippings will take a while to compact.


Redmarshall Pits Renovation

ON behalf of TMFC I would like to

sincerely thank the following members.

TMFC Work Party
Tony Lomas   Digger,
Mick Black      Dumper,
Ian Jones         Dumper,
Michael Hetherington   Roller.
Graham Tungatt,                           Gordon Gains Burrill,          Michael Shields.
Peter Fishburn,                              Geoff Walton,                          Patrick Seward.
Dave Metcalfe   Chief Cook and Tea Maker,